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I have had the pleasure and privilege of attending several individual and team coaching sessions with Nadia Mason, and it is unlike anything I have experienced before.

Nadia has a very unique, holistic and bespoke way to enable individuals to see themselves the way the rest of the world sees them – their strengths and their weaknesses. She exposes the best in people, and many discover their true selves for the first time through her gentle but honest guidance. It is amazing and heart-warming to see them blossom and with Nadia’s guidance, improve or even overcome their  shortcomings to become who they are really meant to be.

Nadia’s many years of experience as a recruiter, coach and facilitator makes her an exceptional ‘team builder’. It doesn’t take a long time for her to instill a culture of honesty, respect and trust in a team of people, even when they have not worked together previously. They walk into a
session as colleagues and walk out as lasting allies and true partners. There is no one else like Nadia – we will forever be in her debt for her pivotal role in elevating a good team with great individuals to world-class level.

Irma Froggatt

Operations Executive, Citrogold

Nadia has immense knowledge in the field of coaching and also has experience in the field. She would note every improvement l have made from the previous sessions and her comments were always positive and encouraging. She would ask if there is anything l would like to talk about or anything l need assistance with. This would assist me in offloading most of the challenging aspects of my work and also talking about exciting projects l will be working on at that time. She will then carefully choose probing questions to guide me in every aspect of the challenges and commend me for the great work l am doing in the business. l believe this made me a stronger person in this position and also made me realise that l can do better in any given environment.

Innocent Moyo

Principal, Rosebank College Polokwane

Nadia follows a very specific coaching model which is focused on matching her mentees’ intentions and his/her actions and guiding them through transformation and change.  I confidently recommend Nadia’s services both as Business Coach, as Facilitator and related leadership programs. The quality of her services, business experience, HR knowledge and attention to detail is just outstanding

Andries van Rensen

MD House Schools, AdvTech Group

In delivering coaching support to HR Business Partners in the Private Tertiary Sector and Managing Directors in the Private Schooling Sector, Nadia has demonstrated unequivocal ease in building rapport as well as challenging clients to think differently and to explore limiting assumptions about who they are and who they can be, and has demonstrated inter alia: good communication and interpersonal skills; superlative teaching ability; willingness to develop others though personal sharing; flexibility and accommodating; professionalism and dedication; sound organizational and planning skills; dependability.

Malcolm H Montgomery

Snr Group HR Manager, AdvTech Group

Nadia was key in building the managerial competence of novice managers in a brand new organization. The degree to which she dedicated her time and energy for this purpose, is evident in the growth that is now apparent in the 5 managers in my team. I highly recommend Nadia Mason for any form of management consulting and operational coaching.

Ms Anneline Rhoda

Snr Service Delivery Manager: Resourcing, Learning & Development, Anglo American Global Shared Services

Enabling an individual to use his or her innate capacity to think through difficult situations, shines through in all that she does. Like me, she is an advocate of Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment management style and has mastered the art of proactive listening and providing fertile space for problem solving and strategizing, so necessary for both day to day and strategic management in almost any business (including academia).

Mike Davies-Coleman

Professor & Dean of Science, University of the Western Cape

As Dean I was also extremely fortunate to recently have Nadia as a professional coach. We met regularly over a period of three months and I was able to benefit personally from her abilities and experience as a professional coach. The sessions were very productive and caused me to reflect on behavior traits which were hampering my effectiveness as an academic leader. Her ability to bring points of personal conclusion and redefine what it means to be an effective Dean was outstanding and I am indebted to her for her success in this regard.

Mike Davies-Coleman

Professor & Dean of Science, University of the Western Cape

As part of the senior leadership and talent stewardship, I was encouraged to nominate a personal coach to nurture my personal growth. Based on my previous experience, I had no hesitation nominating Nadia Mason. Nadia is astutely aware of all of the various forces and political nuances which often trip up leadership. Her ability to council, guide and facilitate is not limited only to individuals, but also to institutional sectors and departments. My engagement with her has been extremely positive, leaving me more institutionally nuanced and confident of embracing leadership.

Dave Fisher

Professor & Deputy Dean of Science, University of the Western Cape

The program started with myself and then filtered through to the Directors, then Managers, then Staff. We were confronted with difficult times in group dialogue sessions, where sessions were highly emotional. Nadia diffused the emotions with ease and brought meetings on track in a respectful and professional manner. Nadia successfully implemented her role by ensuring leadership and staff own the process, content and implementation. She has fostered good relationships of trust and confidentiality with all participants. I believe she is exceptionally talented and has successfully delivered to the institution.

Mr Abduragmaan Regal

Executive Director: Finance & Services, University of the Western Cape

My organization contracted with Nadia Mason to receive strategic direction. The purpose of the sessions were to reflect on my management and operational style, my leadership practice, facilitation and problem solving abilities, how to lead whole organizations and how to create an atmosphere which is conducive to the whole functioning of the organization. As a result of the coaching and training sessions, I could successfully change in a systematic and strategic way. My experience with Nadia has been extremely positive. She contains the session when you express vulnerabilities and holds you until you have unpacked the matters that make you feel vulnerable.

Wendy Nefdt

CEO of national leading NGO, Epilepsy SA

Plumstead, Cape Town
South Africa

+27 83 229 0635

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