Coaching with Intention

  • Unfolding your self-awareness and discovering your Best
  • Balancing your and the organisation’s values
  • Awakening to and being a High Performer and a Listener


Team Coaching

  • Instilling a culture of respect and trust and listening
  • Igniting honesty and friendship
  • Elevating teams to become High Performance Partners

The Thinking Environment

“The quality of all that we do, depends on the
quality of our thinking first” – Nancy Kline

Transforming Meetings

“The quality of the groups decisions & actions
depend on the thinking they do together first” –
Nancy Kline

Facilitation in a Thinking Environment

  • Bespoke and holistic workshops and processes
  • Igniting listening, conversations and trust relationships


Organisational Development Interventions

  • Collaborating and developing bespoke people and performance processes
  • Building relationship bridges between people and business

Core Services

Management Consulting

Engaging with clients about the alignment of their people and business strategy and values.

Business Coaching

High performance coaching to align business and people performance.

Strategic & People Development Facilitation

Facilitation of Strategy sessions. Facilitation of intact and cross functional teams. Facilitation of Entrepreneurs in group sessions.

Leadership & Management Development

Working in collaboration with clients to develop Organisational Development (OD) Interventions with a focus on people development, conflict resolution and the creation of a platform for relationship development between leaders and staff.

Motivational Speaking

To ignite the connection between head and heart to develop good people relationships.

Executive Search / Headhunting

Targeted search to source, attract and recruit best match candidates in alignment with the need of the business.

About Nadia-Ayasha Mason

Being of service to others has consistently been a personal mantra and passion for Nadia Ayasha Mason. A core skill is her ability to get people and teams to listen and give attention to one another as part of relationship development, using The Ten Components of A Thinking Environment®. Her desire for equality and respect for all was influenced by her two strong grandmothers whilst being raised during the Apartheid era of South Africa.

This led to the establishment of Nadia Mason Personnel, an Employment Equity focused Recruitment Consultancy. After 20 years in Recruitment Management, Executive Search, Talent Acquisition and Talent Management where she led teams of 30 – 150 staff on numerous projects, Nadia Ayasha transitioned into the field of People Development and Management Consulting: Business – Executive Coaching; Strategic Facilitation; Leadership, Management and Organisational Development.

Client Testimonials

I have had the pleasure and privilege of attending several individual and team coaching sessions with Nadia Mason, and it is unlike anything I have experienced before.

Nadia has a very unique, holistic and bespoke way to enable individuals to see themselves the way the rest of the world sees them – their strengths and their weaknesses. She exposes the best in people, and many discover their true selves for the first time through her gentle but honest guidance. It is amazing and heart-warming to see them blossom and with Nadia’s guidance, improve or even overcome their  shortcomings to become who they are really meant to be.

Nadia’s many years of experience as a recruiter, coach and facilitator makes her an exceptional ‘team builder’. It doesn’t take a long time for her to instill a culture of honesty, respect and trust in a team of people, even when they have not worked together previously. They walk into a
session as colleagues and walk out as lasting allies and true partners. There is no one else like Nadia – we will forever be in her debt for her pivotal role in elevating a good team with great individuals to world-class level.


Irma Froggatt

Operations Executive, Citrogold

Nadia has immense knowledge in the field of coaching and also has experience in the field. She would note every improvement l have made from the previous sessions and her comments were always positive and encouraging. She would ask if there is anything l would like to talk about or anything l need assistance with. This would assist me in offloading most of the challenging aspects of my work and also talking about exciting projects l will be working on at that time. She will then carefully choose probing questions to guide me in every aspect of the challenges and commend me for the great work l am doing in the business. l believe this made me a stronger person in this position and also made me realise that l can do better in any given environment.

Innocent Moyo

Principal, Rosebank College Polokwane

Nadia follows a very specific coaching model which is focused on matching her mentees’ intentions and his/her actions and guiding them through transformation and change.  I confidently recommend Nadia’s services both as Business Coach, as Facilitator and related leadership programs. The quality of her services, business experience, HR knowledge and attention to detail is just outstanding.

Andries van Rensen

MD House Schools, AdvTech Group

Plumstead, Cape Town
South Africa

+27 83 229 0635

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